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A woman’s body makes huge changes during pregnancy to accommodate her growing baby. Muscles and ligaments soften, spinal curves adjust, organs become re-positioned and hormones and fluids increase by significant amounts – generally making the whole body work harder.

These adjustments are functional and necessary to promote growth and development of the baby, and prepare the mother for birth.

However, such changes in anatomy and physiology can often be challenging to a woman’s overall sense of health and wellbeing, producing common symptoms such as: sickness, back and pelvic pain, sinus issues, depleted energy and emotional highs and lows.


Craniosacral therapy works on multiple levels to support a woman throughout her pregnancy – physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Fundamentally, Craniosacral therapy facilitates calm and deep relaxation, which promotes balance of the central nervous system to help reduce anxiety. This is key to promoting a healthy pregnancy and increasing the chances of a natural labour.


Post natal

Labour has a major physical impact on the  body; and with a new born baby to take care of, it  can be very difficult for a mother to immerse herself in time for healing and recovery.  The demands of early motherhood – breastfeeding, sleepless nights, and simply adjusting to a new life – can be very taxing on the body, mind and emotions.

After birth it is essential that the mother is able to integrate the recent and forthcoming changes in her life, so that she can remain healthy for herself and her baby. Craniosacral therapy can continue to support a woman postnatally, providing a space to re-connect with the body and mind.


Craniosacral therapy helps regulate the central nervous system; positively affecting the balance of mind and emotions, and strengthening how one responds to and deals with stress.  The added dimension of releasing tension in the body thus helps create an overall sense of well-being and wholeness.

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